Chicago by boat: A timelapse journey

Chi-town is beautiful

Simply Genius Shower Thoughts With Nick Offerman I stayed up all night thinking about some of these.

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APT CB2 | The first real apartment designed live on Pinterest

Dayman (Fighter of the Nightman)

This is hilarious and now stuck in my head.

Drawing timelapse: hyperrealistic bottle of Oddka vodka

That time we ate too much buffalo wild wings and couldn’t go out anymore #firstworldproblems

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Van Gogh’s Chair, Vincent van Gogh (x) 
National Gallery of Art, London, England

Colgate Palmolive | The Sweetest Treat

A great example of advertising that adds to human behavior rather than attacks it. People are always going to buy candy, give ‘em some toothpaste to remind them that you’ll always need their product.

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Bucket List | Water is Life

This is what I want to do in advertising someday. I’m sobbing.

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That time I had lunch with President Revely AKA my favorite TWAMP.

First Moon Party | Hello Flo

One word. Grandpa.

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What to do with too many extra mardi gras beads

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Between 1836 and the civil war, 198 men, women, and children were enslaved at Oak Alley. Dehumanized and quantified like any other commodity, they appear in sales records and inventories, yet as people they have all but been forgotten by history. This wall at the exhibit of #OakAlley remembers them. 

World’s Toughest Job: Mom

LOVE this. Made me and my mom cry.

Visiting the Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans